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Location: Washington, D.C., USA

Type: Culture

Designed: 2009

Design team: V. Kudin, M. Karnaukhov, N. Besarab, O. Riabova, O. Agapova

For the Holodomor memorial in Washington, we take into account the city’s atmosphere. The main symbol of our project is the tears of the people of Ukraine. Two giant teardrops lie surrounded by growing wheat. The crop is to be harvested and distributed among people every year, as a reminder that a wheat spike could have saved someone’s life. We combine abstract forms with the specifics of the events. On the inner shell of the larger teardrop, documentary shots are to be displayed along with everything that is necessary for the viewer to comprehend the meaning of genocide against the Ukrainian nation. The project is a 3rd prize winner of an international contest.

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