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Dmytrivka, Kyiv region



Design team:

Status: in progress
Area: 450 Ha
Population: 32 000
Collaborators: YOD group

The project site is located 7 km from the capital, in close proximity to the M-06 Kyiv-Chop highway. The area is bordered by the village of Dmytrivka to the east and a lush mixed forest to the west. The land remains largely untouched, having once been used for agriculture, particularly fruit growing. An old cobbled road has been preserved on the site, forming a historical planning axis.

The planning concept is based on the historical axis and a perpendicular main entrance. The existing 3km cobbled street becomes the town's main street. It is enriched with public functions and visually stands out from the urban structure of the city with taller buildings.

Along this primary planning axis we've positioned five unique public squares. The town's main square is in the middle of this arrangement, at the intersection of the main planning axes. It hosts a shopping center and a farmers' market, as nearby industrial greenhouses provide the city's population with fruit and vegetables all year round. The square is also home to the main visual landmark, the tallest building in the city and its symbol - a vertical greenhouse that reaches up to 50 meters in height. The market square is the main meeting place for the city's residents, and the vertical greenhouse is an adaptation of the traditional idea of a community gathering around a temple. In our case, the greenhouse takes on the role of the 'temple' and symbolizes the self-sufficiency and independence of the city.

The planning structure promotes equal access to natural resources, sustainable development and the ecological nature of the future town.

V. Kudin, O. Riabova, M. Karnaukhov, M. Dovhanych, N. Besarab, T. Kozlovska

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