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Lviv, Ukraine



Design team:

The hotel is located in the reconstructed building of the former Austro-Hungarian Bank in Lviv – a valuable element of the historic part of the city. The project is based on the idea of maximally preserving the authenticity of the building and its planning structure. All valuable elements have been restored and delicately combined with contemporary design. The original shape of the roof with its dome have been lost to a fire some 50 years prior to reconstructioin, so our team reconstructed it in accordance to original historic blueprints. This decision allowed for the planning of 3 additional guest floors which helped meet the commercial target of 100 guest rooms. The former operanting floor of the bank was turned into the largest conference hall in the city. The design of the hotel’s public part revolves around the idea of it formerly being a bank. In the 101 rooms, we expressed the artistic atmosphere of the early twentieth century, using patterns based on the graphic compositions of French Art-Nouveau artists.

V. Kudin, O. Riabova, M. Karnaukhov, T. Velychko, L. Kosik, V. Zinchenko, M. Dovhanych

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