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Lviv, Ukraine



Design team:

The concept of the residential complex was developed on the basis of the urban planning situation. It also took into account the requirements of the Lviv City Planning Regulations.
The site is bordered by Miklʹosha Street from the west and has visual contact with the Sports Arena from the south. The site itself is divided into three separate zones: two G-2 zones and one R-3 zone, which divides the site into two unequal parts. The defining concept was the desire to visually and physically extend the R-3 green zone to the entire complex.
Based on this, the residential buildings were designed to be compact in order to provide as much green space as possible for the residents. The shapes of the buildings are cut by the sun, so that the apartments have a normalized level of insolation. It was important to respond conceptually to the nearby sports arena, so a hotel with a gym was designed. There is also a school and a kindergarten with a gym and an outdoor stadium in the area.

V. Kudin, O. Riabova, M. Karnaukhov, O. Sereda, O. Semenchenko

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