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Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Type: Culture

Designed: 2017

Design team: V. Kudin, O. Riabova

In the proposal we connect two nearby parks with a horizontal arch, in the center of which is the memorial itself. This bridge turns into a reflective retaining wall, on which the portraits of the Heavenly Hundred are engraved. We see our reflections among them, and feel their presence. The main element of the memorial is a 3.6 m tall sculpture of a young boy’s head, which lies on a plane of sand; a calm and solemn face, eyes half-closed, a bitter smile that is barely there. And we don’t know if he will close his eyes and come to rest, or rise from the ground. It is a symbol of terrible loss, the loss of Heroes, who laid down their lives for a free Ukraine. The project has been awarded 2nd prize in a national competition.

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